Tambulya Coupons And Discount Codes For November 2017

Flat 20% Off On Wedding Return Gifts

Offer valid on the wedding return gifts  displayed on the landing page.

On Going Offer

Promo codes for Tambulya are available on a greater variety of vibrant looking and exclusive pieces up for your grab to gift the guests.

Tambulya.com has revived age-old charm of return gifting. The online store deals in every variety of items that can give a touch of royal elegance to one’s interior and dining experience. Whether you are shifting to a new home, keen on an aesthetic makeover of your old one or wedding is round the corner, you will surely love to buy some elegant pieces to mark the event in an unmatched and sophisticated style. There is no need to roam here and there to discover what you are looking for. Everything is brought to the discerning customers by Tambulya.com and just awaits your ‘peep and pick’.

Tambulya discount coupon is another reason why you will love visiting here, allowing you to satisfy your shopping excursion while ensuring that nothing pinches your wallet.

Atithi Devo Bhava

It is a Sanskirt phrase that is the inspiration behind Tambulya.com. The phrase means “Guest is equal to god”. Treating the guests like God is deeply inscribed into the tradition of India. Be it a wedding ceremony, anniversary, baby-shower, house-warming or any other festive or religious event, guests are always accorded cordial welcome and prime importance. Tambulya.com, with their sole intention to keep this regal tradition alive, has opened the biggest store offering an exciting collection of returning gifts.

Their gift items are aesthetic in appeal and highly affordable in prices, thanks to Tambulya Coupons.

Extensive variety of return gifts

At tambulya.com, they have stocked up an extensive breadth of return gifts sourced from the celebrity stores as well as roadside malls. A wing of Bharatmatrymonial.com, Tambulya professionals take a frequent tour of entire India to add to their amazing stock of appealing return gifts. They have successfully collaborated with specialist artisans having enviable creating height and experience in making handicrafts. They choose only those artisans who use eco-friendly raw materials and traditional techniques passed to the next generation from time immemorial.
The artisans they work with belong to the rare breeds that swear by unmatched and unadulterated authenticity. Tambulya promo codes are available on every unique piece in their limited edition of returning gifts.

More than 5000+ items

Tambulya.com takes pride in their wider stock and wonderful items, making it sure that potential buyers get here everything they have fetish for. Be it the birthday bash of your beloved, an auspicious occasion, an unforgettable celebration of a marriage or whatever is coming next on the calendar, they have more than 5000+ return gift items to match your taste and the essence of the event. Their stock is rising and incorporates a mesmerizing variety of items to please the sense of your guests and also what comes easier on your pocket.

Discount coupon for Tambulya is tied to every return gift they have on offer, allowing you to delight your guests even without a deep pocket.

Bespoke Beauty

Tambulya.com is an acclaimed return gift store and brings you bewildering varieties of bespoke beauties. Open the website and browse through their jaw-dropping varieties of items ranging from decorative pieces of Ganesha, designer bags to exquisite bowls, pencil boxes, marble clocks and many more. Uniqueness along with royal elegance can make these pieces a pride of possession for your guests, which will definitely be a satisfying experience for you. They have excellent selection of personalized gifts coming with coupons for Tambulya to sweeten your experience of buying for guests.

It will also give you comfort that you don’t have to splash out a fortune in order to avail these items as these are competent in price and Tambulya coupon codes reduce the prices further.